Container transportation

There is nothing more simple and reliable than international transportations together with the professional approach to the business.

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Container transportations by Unotrans - is a safe delivery of your goods to any part of the world.

Why do our clients order container transportations more and more often?

  • Transportation of containers is possible both by sea and by road, which allows to deliver goods from any part of the world to the delivery point. If transportation started by sea, then in the port the containers are being transferred to the trucks and delivered to your warehouse.

Unotrans provides delivery of your goods right from the dispatching point to the point of delivery by container transportation

  • The connections established during the 8 years work give us the opportunity to deliver your cargo from any country of the world.

If you need to deliver goods from Asia, we will arrange container transportation from China, Korea, Japan, India, Taiwan and Thailand.

You need to deliver goods from North America? Container transportations from USA and Canada are at your service!

Interested in getting cargos from Europe? We work in Finland, Norway, England, France, Spain, Italy, Germany and other European countries.

We also arrange container transportations between Moscow and Saint – Petersburg and all over Russia!

Container transportations allow to deliver all types of goods:

  • Large – tonnage batches of goods;
  • Oversized cargos;
  • Perishables and short – lived goods;
  • Joint shipments etc;

You will find ideal transportation conditions for each cargo within container transportation.

  • Container transportations ensure the safety of each batch of your goods. At the dispatching point our forwarding agent takes control over loading operations, after that the containers are being sealed and the cargo starts its way. Our specialists monitor all the operations during the transportation: they take care of the correct repacking of the cargo, make photos of the goods, arrange check weighing and laboratory research of the product quality. Upon arrival of the batch to the delivery point you reseal and get the best of your cargo.

Transportation of your goods by Unotrans is a guarantee of the safety of the goods being delivered.

  • Transportation of containers by sea and by road is cheaper than transportation by air.

We will help you to save your money!

If you have any questions about international or inner container transportations don’t hesitate to call us today! Tel: +7 812 4452842 and +7 812 4452830